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Announcing AuthZEN – the next iteration in authorization standards

Many of you will be familiar with Randall Munroe’s fantastic xkcd cartoon site. He’s even got a strip for what I’m going to talk about… Standards. I’d been a member and editor of the XACML Technical Committee for about a decade until I decided to move on to the world of Consumer Identity (CIAM) before returning a few months ago to my first love. In the time I was away, new standards emerged (Rego, Oso, Cedar, Zanzibar) and so it felt about time I hopped onto the standardization bandwagon again to promote and streamline authorization. Lo and Behold AuthZEN. My peers Atul Tulshibagwale (SGNL) and Omri Gazitt (Aserto) gave this excellent presentation on the goals of the AuthZEN WG at […]