Madrid – Ipswich Roadtrip (Update)

As time flies out the window and into oblivion, it’s time we got our trip preparation underway. To start with the team: not just any team, The team.

Pilot A will be JuanLu – no discussion about that. After it is his ride, his wheels, and his initial idea. I’ll be the copilot and manager of the roadtrip. After all I’m the oldest guy, France will be the main country to go through and I’ve got a gut feeling that letting JuanLu do the mapping could lead to catastrophic decisions such as those illustrated in the picture hereafter…

We’ll be joined by JotaLu’s brother and whoever else dares trek with us.

Our car of choice will be the Ford Fiesta (the one with the stupid dogbot, the plumber, Bill the plumber, and the fire hydrant). Our route has already been discussed. Accommodation is nearly arranged.

As for the dates: we want to arrive Sunday November 9th in Ipswich. This would mean the following:

  • Sunday Nov 9th: depart Bruges, take ferry at 2PM from Hoek van Holland and arrive in Ipswich at 7PM
  • Saturday Nov. 8th: depart Paris, sleep over in Bruges
  • Friday Nov. 7th: depart Saint Jean de Monts, sleep over in Paris
  • Thursday Nov. 6th: depart Bilbao, sleep over in Saint Jean de Monts
  • Wednesday Nov 5th: depart Madrid, sleep over in Bilbao