Feeling Stressed? Move To Ipswich!

The whole story can be read here: Feeling Stressed… The First Post is an online newspaper I’ve started reading over the past year and it hasn’t disappointed me. It’s a good place to read about London happenings (whether in arts, films, or just ‘people’). They also have hilarious columns on the ups and downs of life in general (Newish Man, Single Life, and… Servant Life). The latter is a riot to read: it relates young foreigners’ experiences as au pairs, maids, or assistants in British families. This story (see link) in particular compares Pimlico and Ipswich. If I had a choice, I’d rather go to Pimlico but in the meantime, it’s soothing to know Ipswich has some bright sides too.

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[IP4 2LA] A Pint Down The Dove & Chinese Olympics

I’d planned to spend most of my morning queuing in August rain in front of the French Consulate in order to apply for a new passport, my current one having been severely battered in soiled soapy washing machine water making it unacceptable for the stringent US Customs. However, sleep deprivation had the better of me and I had to text a colleague of mine – the chauffeur of the day, Afnan – that I would give London, South Ken, and Cromwell Rd a miss altogether.In lieu of capital excitement and underground thrills & chills, I stayed nice and snug at home while rain overtook the already-soaked streets of Ipswich. What a dire August! I’m sure one a many oldies were already […]

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Roadtrip From Madrid To Ipswich

Now some folks when they dream of holidays, adventures, and the like immediately picture themselves in a hammock on some remote Caribbean island or on a safari, or even perhaps coast-to-coasting in the USA.All’s that nice and well but we tend to overlook our own countries – our home nations that often have more than one surprise around the corner.Having said that, I’d like to go on a safari too. My friends at http://www.longerwaydown.com/ are doing one hell of a road trip. But with only a few days to spare, it wasn’t quite feasible.The other thing is that one of my housemates (a dude from Madrid – poor fellow) has recently agreed to pile in another six months of Ipswich life and […]

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A Downright Decent Holiday!

It all started with the usual Ryanair treatment: a delay due to the plane bound for Nantes not being there. Not being there I hear? Well, where on Earth had it gone? Not to worry Mr. O’Leary was on the case and soon found out some naughty leprechauns had forced ATCs (Air Traffic Controllers for those non-planecabulary-aware) into a strike thus delaying the Dublin-Stansted flight and therefore the Nantes flight (as it was meant to carry us, wee passengers bound for what Ryanair dares call Britanny). As to whether Nantes is part of Britanny or not, we shall let other people deal with it.Once we did manage to get airborne (after I recharged my laptop in a stealth electric plug […]