Playing with ChatGPT: if Dr. Seuss wrote about ABAC

This morning, I woke up, got breakfast ready for my three-year-old, sat down at my desk and wondered: “what if Dr. Seuss had written about ABAC?” Don’t ask me why… Maybe because I’d been reading I Am Not Going to Get Up Today! to my kid the night before. Who knows?

Oh, and if you’re wondering what ABAC is, it’s attribute-based access control.

Fortunately, we live in a day and age where ChatGPT can pretty much fulfill our wildest dreams and so, without further ado, here’s what ChatGPT thinks Dr. Seuss would have said about ABAC:

In a world of data and access control so tight,
There’s a method that shines with a brilliant light.
ABAC, my dear friend, is its clever name,
Bringing benefits to the cybersecurity game!
Attribute-Based Access Control, you see,
Is a system that guards your data with glee.
No more username and password, oh no,
ABAC’s here to make those worries go!
With attributes and policies, it does the trick,
Defending your info with a security pick.
Roles and rules, they’re a thing of the past,
ABAC’s flexibility will leave you aghast!
Want to access a file from a distant land?
ABAC grants or denies with a wave of its hand.
Attributes like time, location, and role,
Determine who enters the treasure trove’s hole.
For Bob, it’s access only after noon,
While Alice gets in under the light of the moon.
And if you’re a manager, no need to despair,
ABAC ensures you’ll get the data you wear!
Adaptable and dynamic, it adjusts on a dime,
As your organization grows over time.
No more one-size-fits-all, no rigid mold,
ABAC’s like a chameleon, never getting old!
So here’s to ABAC, a cybersecurity star,
Protecting your data, no matter where you are.
With attributes and policies working together,
Your digital world’s safe, no matter the weather!
Remember the name, in this digital race,
ABAC’s the solution to keep data safe in its place.
It’s flexible, powerful, and smarter than most,
In the realm of access control, it’s the host with the boast!