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What is a XACML Obligation?

Definition The XACML standard defines the concept of obligations which are elements which can be returned along with a XACML decision (either of Permit or Deny) in order to enrich that decision. Obligations are triggered on either Permit or Deny. The Policy Enforcement Point must implement and enforce obligations. If it fails to do so, it must deny access to the requested resource (in the case of a Permit). The XACML 3.0 standard defines obligations as follows: An operation specified in a rule, policy or policy set that should be performed by the PEP in conjunction with the enforcement of an authorization decision Where can I use an Obligation? Obligations can be defined in PolicySet, Policy, and Rule elements. This […]

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What is a XACML condition?

It’s that time of the week when the creative juices go south and the urge to relax hits all-time records. And I know you are all craving for some XACML goodness before you head out for the weekend. After all, just a spoonful of XACML makes the… Uh who am I kidding? Let’s get on with this new episode of TGIF XACML. Today, let’s focus on a XACML condition. Definition A condition is an element of the XACML policy language. Unlike targets, it can only occur in rules. The condition is used to further define the scope of XACML rules. The scope defines when the rule will trigger. Both the target and the condition therefore help define the scope of […]