XACML 3.0 wins award at the European Identity Conference 2011 #EIC11

Cybersecurity award goes to XACML

European Identity Conference 2011, Munich.

Today was a great day at EIC 2011 where Axiomatics is currently demoing its fine-grained authorization capabilities based on the latest version of the XACML standard, XACML 3.0.
It ended with the usual ceremony awards where Tim Cole et al. handed out awards to various projects in the identity space (cloud security, IAM, entitlements management).
A special award was handed to the XACML Technical Committee for its outstanding work on the latest version of XACML, XACML 3.0. Hal Lockart of Oracle and co-chair of the TC stepped up to accept the award and thanked the entire TC for a great group effort. He also thanked the editor of the XACML 3.0 specification, Erik Rissanen, CTO of Axiomatics, for leading the effort and for major contributions.
XACML 3.0 brings many new things to the table among which advice, variables inside obligations, and perhaps close to Erik’s heart, delegation. More on new features of XACML 3.0 here.
The XACML TC will be hosting a free webinar on XACML in early June. Details can be found here.

Hereafter the video of the award ceremony and Hal going on stage: